Throwback RoutinesPeople are soothing themselves with nostalgic trends
Throwback Routines

From chunky highlights and butterfly clips to Ayurvedic dry-brushing and bar soap, a growing number of people are adopting beauty routines that harken back to a simpler time. This traditional, back-to-basics approach to personal care is gaining appeal as an antidote to a crisis-filled world.

As evidenced by the resurgent popularity of puzzles and childhood snacks, nostalgia is playing a major role in purchasing choices during the pandemic. “People naturally turn to nostalgia during such difficult times. Nostalgia is a potent reminder of what makes our lives meaningful,” says Andrew Abeyta, an assistant professor at Rutgers University-Camden. While ’90s-inspired beauty was already a firm hit pre-COVID-19, nostalgia is filtering into self-care across the board – from ‘scene kid’ beauty on TikTok to pharmacy-style glass packaging. There’s even an online museum that aims to spark conversations about cosmetics through the ages.