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  • What’s stopping people from leaving traditional banks?
  • What’s stopping people from leaving traditional banks?
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2020 Expert Outlook on Money

Are people growing bored of fintech services? How is an abundance of banking choices hindering decisions? And what money taboos are people desperate to break? In this chapter of the 2020 Expert Outlook, we speak to three experts about people’s desire for ease and openness in finance.

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The 2010s saw numerous digital platforms emerge with the aim of challenging the dominance of traditional banking institutions. With beautiful and intuitive interfaces, online-only banks such as Monzo and Revolut offered an entirely new kind of money management experience that allowed people to track their spending and saving in real-time, with round-the-clock support and seamless transfers adding to an already attractive proposition. Gohenry has even extended such services to Gen Alphas and Zers, helping to build financial literacy from a younger age.

Yet despite the wealth of digital services available, people are often ...



  • Article image MMHPI: helping Britons tackle debt shame

    It’s the age-old problem: people aren’t comfortable talking about money even though it’s affecting their mental health. The Money and Mental Health Policy Institute is aiming to help them understand how to get out of debt and encouraging banks and brands to stop helping people get into it.

  • Article image A sector snapshot of money: Nov 2019

    Why are people embracing the need for speed when making payments? How are money taboos impacting people’s health? What’s enabling young people turn their backs on the Bank of Mum and Dad? And who are the leaders in sexing up insurance?

  • Article image Why do Britons lie about money issues?

    Whether it’s asking a mate to pay back cash they borrowed a month ago or divulging the size of one’s pay cheque, many people hate talking about money. Canvas8 spoke to eight Britons to understand what financial matters they find difficult to discuss and why they sometimes blur the truth.

  • Article image MyEva: personalising money advice for Britons

    One-third of Britons feel worried about their ability to save money for the future, and inscrutable financial jargon doesn’t help matters. To empower people across the UK to take control of their finances and saving goals, chatbot-based platform MyEva offers jargon-free financial advice.