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  • How are digital communities evolving around video games?
  • How are digital communities evolving around video games?
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How are gaming communities levelling up?

Once perceived as an anti-social pursuit, gaming now offers people a way to connect with peers around the world through streaming, forums, and social media. How do these diverse communities go beyond gameplay to support individuals in their search for escapism and creative expression?

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“So last night during the Classic WoW stress test, the AMAZING community formed an orderly queue to kill Padfoot – no pushing, no kicking off, just good old-fashioned hilarity,” tweeted Clark Downes, one of the thousands of gamers who flooded Blizzard’s servers for the launch of World of Warcraft Classic in August 2019. [1] The ‘update’, which restored the 15-year-old title back to its base version, could easily have been perceived as a nostalgia-fuelled cash-grab by the developer, but the good-natured response to long wait times highlighted how, for many players, the friendly, creative, and collaborative communities ...



  • Article image Medal: creating social moments for gamers

    The sociability of online gaming, and increasing dominance of video game streaming, has seen gamer culture cross over to the mainstream. In-game clipping service Medal is looking to harness the social power of this lucrative consumer group, to become the next big name in social sharing.  

  • Article image Twitch: transcending games to become a community hub

    Twitch has established itself as the leading player in live gaming coverage, but it’s not the only thing drawing people back on a daily basis. As the platform’s content has diversified beyond esports, the interactions between streamers and viewers have made into a hub for community and discussion.

  • Article image GTA V: an online world of self-authored entertainment

    Best known for its vibrant settings and gratuitous violence, Grand Theft Auto V has been given a new lease on life online. A single mod has turned it into a community-led RPG that has as many spectators as it does players, demonstrating how open gaming worlds can foster large-scale collaboration.

  • Article image Fortnite: a fair and free-to-play gaming phenomenon

    Boasting over 45 million players and the Twitch record for most live viewers on a stream, third-person shooter Fortnite Battle Royale has taken the gaming world by storm. But given that it uses a free-to-play model, how is it avoiding the controversy that often surrounds in-game microtransactions?