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  • How can early adopters influence mainstream consumers?
  • How can early adopters influence mainstream consumers?
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Me first! The science of early adopters

An emerging group of consumers, known as early adopters, are helping brands gain traction in the mainstream market. Canvas8 spoke to Dr. Ozgur Dedehayir, research fellow at the QUT Business School of Management in Australia, to ask how businesses can effectively engage with this demographic.

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When Bitcoin launched a decade ago on the 31st October, its early years were dominated by life on the dark web. As the currency started gaining people’s attention - mostly for the wrong reasons - financial competitors such as Ethereum and Litecoin also entered the market and found success. Earlier this year, research found that 49% of global consumers were aware of cryptocurrency, but just 4% planned on buying any in the next six months. However, thanks to the uptake from early adopters, cryptocurrencies are slowly beginning to infiltrate mainstream culture.

But, who are early ...



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