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  • How can a holiday cater to your lifestyle?
  • How can a holiday cater to your lifestyle?
    Alex Proimos, Creative Commons (2011) ©

How people travel to get fit or fit in

What happens if you’re too fat, fit or fabulous for a regular beach or city break? As demand for active, gay-friendly and plus-size holidays grows, travel operators are offering breaks that meet niche needs. In the second of a two-part report, Canvas8 looks at those travelling to get fit or fit in.

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What happens if you feel too fat to lie on the beach next to ‘regular-sized’ people? Or what if you’re too fabulous for a regular beach or city break? Or what about if you are too fit to want a relaxing holiday at all?

While the number of people choosing to travel alone is growing, many are opting to join a group of like-minded individuals once they land. Travel companies that run group tours in the UK and overseas report that 35% of their customers now travel alone, with an expectation that this figure will rise to 38% in ...



  • Article image Dark Mofo: dark arts reinvent festival tourism in Australia

    Cold. Dark. Weird. Three words you probably don’t associate with Australian tourism. But since 2012, cult arts festival Dark Mofo has changed the way Tasmania is viewed – making it the coolest destination for winter. How has this unlikely festival put the state back on the mainstream map?

  • Article image Why plus-size is a big fashion opportunity

    Picking up a last-minute party dress is easier said than done for plus-size women. The likes of Lululemon and Urban Outfitters don’t make clothes above a US 14, and the industry is losing out on as much as $14 billion by failing to serve this market. So what do curvy women want from their clothes?

  • Article image Holidays without the sun, sand and sea

    The stereotypical image of a holiday masks a much larger variety of desires, states of mind, emotions and personal interests. How much do we still identify with white sands and blue sea?

  • Article image Holiday identities

    Much of the appeal of holidays lies in the fact that they present us with opportunities for being who we want to be for a short time.