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  • Could Amazon’s platform launch your start-up?
  • Could Amazon’s platform launch your start-up?
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Amazon Launchpad: giving start-ups a leg-up

For many aspiring entrepreneurs delivery logistics can be just as tricky as conceptualising a service or manufacturing a product. Can Amazon Launchpad – a new platform for showcasing items and handling sales and delivery – make it easier for start-ups to get off the ground?

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The start-up scene shows little sign of slowing down; over half a million new start-ups were launched in 2014 – 45,000 in November alone – and 3.3 million people pledged half a billion dollars to bring 22,252 Kickstarter projects to life in the same year. [1][2]

But for today’s entrepreneurs, delivering a new product to their customers can be just as tricky as conceptualising and manufacturing it. What platform to choose? How do you stand out in a very crowded market? What’s the best way to grow a customer base?

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  • Article image Is the internet always the answer?

    With the news of Samsung spying through televisions, Ford bugging cars and yesterday’s internet wunderkinds – Google, Facebook, Amazon – feeling like today’s big corporates, internet critic Andrew Keen gives his views on potential digital dystopias in his book The Internet Is Not The Answer.

  • Article image The Startup Hour: investing from the comfort of your couch

    The Startup Hour is a TV show that combines ‘the excitement of a reality TV contest with the urgency of the New York Stock Exchange trading floor’. Promising a new twist on an old format, are people ready to combine cold hard cash with light evening entertainment? Or is it just another gimmick? 

  • Article image Distill Ventures: bottling the craft spirits movement

    Just like beer before it, spirits are getting the craft treatment. Tapping into the emphasis on quality over quantity, Diageo has launched an accelerator programme to raise the next generation of craft distilleries. But why isn’t Diageo just creating its own premium brand?

  • Article image Shoptiques: the boutique goes global

    Shoptiques exploits the global reach of the internet to give small shops a big audience, and applies strict criteria to what it sells.