22 May 2023UpdateExpert Outlook insights to keep track of9 critical behaviours to track June–December

We’re halfway through the year – *gulp*. But it’s not too late to achieve your goals and create work you’re proud of. Here’s how to refresh and reset your insights compass on the emerging behaviours that will have the biggest impact on your organisation, and how to navigate those shifts with ease.

Josie ColterJosie Colter is a marketing consultant and podcast producer. Interested in equal rights, intersectionality, climate, innovation and entrepreneurship – she’s always on the lookout to document informed views and inspiring ideas to drive positive change. She works with brands to concept, produce and market podcasts which add to the cultural conversation, such as Climate Curious for TEDxLondon and Crazy Smart Asia for Tatler Asia.

Six months on from the publication of the Expert Outlook, what’s changed?

Every year, Canvas8 publishes a flagship behavioural insights report, leveraging its ten years of insights experience and tapping into the knowledge of its 5,500+ strong expert network.

To give you an update, this May, we’ve revisited and refreshed the insights for a handy H2 check-in for you and your teams, surfacing new case studies we think will help you in your role.

In this ‘lite’ version of the report, we’ve surfaced 9 cross-industry behavioural shifts alongside fresh case studies to help you understand how Canvas8’s 2023 Expert Outlook predictions are playing out, and what to prioritise as we head into the rest of 2023.

What’s inside?

  • 9 x cross-industry behavioural shifts and the key industry sectors they apply to
  • 9 x unique Canvas8 insights
  • 3 x brand case study summaries
  • 6 x Canvas8 report summaries
  • 9 x actionable thought starters

Wow, that’s so generous! Can you give us a sneak peek of the insights?
Okay, just this once… here’s a sneak peek of four of the nine behaviours we interrogate in the H2 Trends Tracking report:

Build the new markers of a good life into your brand

Act as the connective tissue between communities and the wider world

Take advantage of the speed of AI to satisfy customer queries

Draw from the archives to create your own ‘newstalgia’

Nice, I like it! How about sharing an example of the contents?
Since everyone’s talking about AI panic, here’s a sample of one of our behaviours related to AI, technology, and communications behaviours that you’ll need to be aware of in H2.

Sectors: Technology and Communications

What's happening?
Amid plummeting trust in Big Tech and a broader sense of confusion surrounding all things Web3, initial hype has given way to trepidation as people speculate about how emerging technologies will shape our collective future.

Why does it matter?
In 2023, humans are collaborating with generative AI rather than being replaced by it, although this is one of the main underlying fears around this technology. Many businesses are looking to use AI to drive innovation and stay ahead of the competition, without alienating their customers.

How is AI changing the way brands engage their audiences?
When OpenAI released ChatGPT to the public, the text generator made a clear case for the sheer disruptive force of AI – making it apparent that such technology will change the way we experience information and engage with brands. But major challenges remain before AI elbows humans out of the way.

Highlight insights:

  • 45% of Americans say they’d prefer to have inquiries handled by AI if it led to faster results.
  • Customer-facing roles could be inexorably transformed by AI, but despite advances in emotional AI, the human touch is proving difficult to replicate.
  • AI could change the face of search and how we experience information, but there are roadblocks towards real-time processing.

If AI can reliably help customers find the best price, what will brands need to offer to stay competitive?

Got it, I understand the format and contents of the H2 Trends Tracking report now, but, what’s the aim here?
The aim is to distil the world of excessive (and mostly fleeting) trends into impactful insights that will help you mould your next big campaign, release a better product that will improve your customers’ lives, or help you hone a business idea based on real audience insight and data.

Let me guess… you want the insights? 
Members, you can access your full interactive Expert Outlook report on the Membership Platform: https://www.canvas8.com/library/expert-outlook-2023
For everyone else, you can get a preview of the research by dropping us a note containing your best chat-up line at findoutmore@canvas8.com

Remind me, what is the Canvas8 Expert Outlook?
The Expert Outlook is Canvas8’s flagship annual behavioural insights research report.
Speaking to 50+ world-leading experts from our Access network, analysing and synthesising our own insights pieces from the past year of daily tracking, and layering the findings across our existing consumer data and research, as well as bespoke research methodologies.
The outputs are a stunning piece of research which helps you operate better in the here and now, and track a few behaviours in the process, years before they come down the line.
Now in its ninth year, it helps our members get a compass on the next one to five years and hone in on the audience shifts they can expect to see.