September 8, 2021Balmain builds brand resonance on primetime TV

Luxury fashion label Balmain has partnered with Channel 4 on a mini-drama series set in Los Angeles. The partnership comes at a time when luxury brands are setting their sights on connecting with customers on screen-based platforms, creating greater access for brand discovery.


Fracture is Channel 4’s first branded entertainment drama series, partnering with fashion house Balmain. The five-episode mini-series follows a struggling singer-songwriter who moves from New York to La Rêve Motel on the outskirts of LA. The partnership means the cast’s wardrobe will feature the Balmain Fall 2021 collection exclusively and is the first time a luxury brand has created a partnership with the TV network. “Fracture helps to make very clear Balmain’s determination to continue to break down boundaries and engage in unexpected, compelling, and entertaining ways with lovers of fashion, music, and design,” says Olivier Rousteing, Balmain creative director.

Luxury brands are communicating with people in a plethora of ways. No longer are high-end fashion brands only marketed in glossy magazines and in shopping malls, these brands are making their mark in digital entertainment spaces. From developing games with VR filters to apps that boost wellness habits to deep fake fashion shows tapping into the metaverse’s potential, luxury fashion has found novel ways to connect with an audience that spends leisure time online. By partnering with Channel 4, Balmain is capturing the attention of mainstream screen viewers, creating opportunities for discovery that aren't limited to brand-exclusive spaces. The feature of the collection is, in some ways, reminiscent of the rise of luxury live streaming, like China’s Tmall Luxury Pavillion.

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