September 8, 2021Gen Zers turn to careers that protect the planet

A significant majority of American Gen Zers are concerned about climate change and see it as a very urgent problem. Considering that most Gen Zers are still in school or the early phases of their career, many are turning to jobs in climate change as fears that little else matters pervade.


With half of Americans saying they'd experienced extreme weather between April 2020 and April 2021, it's unsurprising to learn that Gen Zers are turning to climate change-minded careers en masse. Looking to do more than just alter their everyday habits and affect real and long-lasting change on the world's ecosystems, 76% of Gen Zers say that addressing the climate crisis is one of their biggest social concerns. Alongside concern is action, as US college administrators have noticed a rising tide in environmental-related degree enrollment. So much so that the University of Southern California has launched a Sustainability Across the Curriculum program designed to teach undergrads about how their degrees relate to sustainability. 

With the climate crisis a common topic across media streams like podcasts and brand advertisements, Gen Zers have gotten real when it comes to cutting down the value-action gap between sustainable ideas and practice. Although not fully adopted, the Green New Deal in the US advocates the idea of mass job opportunities through the creation of a greener economy, giving strength to the idea that seeking careers in sustainability is no longer fanciful, but instead one that makes sense personally and environmentally. For educators and employers, it's about showcasing new routes into sustainable employment, while also unveiling how more traditional degrees or backgrounds can intersect with creating positive environmental change.

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