August 24, 2020Lowe’s shows homeowners the satisfaction of DIY

Home improvement brand Lowe’s has released a commercial that highlights the joy and satisfaction of redecorating in the time of COVID-19. With many homeowners interested in upgrading their abodes, the ad shows how changing up your surroundings can boost happiness and wellbeing. We explore the insights behind why Lowe's is celebrating the satisfaction of DIY.

Ope Oduwole

Lowe’s ‘do-it-for-yourself’ commercial depicts a woman redecorating her bathroom. After an initial ‘lightbulb moment’, she’s seen repainting the walls, changing the shower curtain, and putting up a new mirror, enjoying every part of the process. Proud of her project, she then takes a selfie, does yoga on the bath mat, types on her computer in the bathtub, and dances in front of the mirror.

“This idea of creating a little sanctuary that’s your happy place felt just incredibly resonant,” says Marisa Thalberg, Lowe's chief brand and marketing officer. “It’s not just the pride of the project accomplished, but then the enjoyment of it afterwards that I think we’re uniquely capturing in this idea.”

Whether it’s redecorating rooms or revamping the backyard with pools and hot tubs, forced at-home time has inspired many people to turn their homes into personalized sanctuaries, giving rise to the term ‘pandecorationg’. Indeed, according to a July 2020 survey from Porch, 76% of American homeowners have initiated at least one home improvement project since the beginning of lockdown.

Not only does redecorating offer a creative outlet and a way to stave off boredom, but, as the Lowe's commercial emphasizes, completing such a project can also give people immense satisfaction. At a time when 55% of Americans say that COVID-19 has affected their mental health, helping people feel good about their accomplishments, however small, could be a smart way forward.

Ope Oduwole is a junior behavioural analyst at Canvas8. He has a BA from the University of Nottingham and leans on the inquisitive nature of his studies. With an avid interest in all things creative, if he’s not at a concert or poetry reading, he’s buried inside a book with a cup of green tea.

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