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  • How is Clare helping Gen Yers with curated paint choices?
  • How is Clare helping Gen Yers with curated paint choices?
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Clare: curated wall paint for 'pandecorators'

How does your home make you feel? With its curated selection of colors, convenient delivery model, and ‘clean’ credentials, Clare is giving the wall paint industry a Gen Yer update, aligning with people’s view that the home should be a place for peace and self-expression.

Location United States

Avocado Toast. Headspace. Cosmic Vibes. You’d be forgiven for thinking these were smoothie flavors at a hipster cafe. But, in reality, they’re a few of the wall colors offered by Clare, a Miami-based interior paint start-up. Emphasizing personalization, convenience, and environmental credentials, Clare is looking to enliven the paint industry by taking a more holistic approach to decor, and matching up with Gen Yers’ idea of how they want their homes to make them feel.





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