October 29, 2018“If this, then Domino’s’ slots pizza into people’s life events

'If This, Then Domino’s' is an initiative by the pizza chain that lets people select personal or cultural events that trigger a pizza delivery order. As people expect streamlined services, the feature heads towards automation, as the brand embeds itself in customer's lives, by playing to personal moments. We explore the insights behind the ad and understand how Domino’s is putting itself into people’s life narratives.

Edoardo Biscossi

Through the If This, Then Domino’s website, people can set up an automated condition such as: "if my team plays, then Domino’s", to make and deliver a pre-selected pizza of the person's choice on-demand. Domino’s worked with creative agency Crispin Porter+Bogusky to develop the service in partnership with If This, Then That (IFTTT) an online service that enables different apps, data and devices to automate their services with specific actions, such as like 'If it rains, order from this place'. "Now you can set up thousands of ways to automatically order Domino's. Gameday? Snow day? Laundry day? You decide." says a launch statement from Dominos on Twitter.

People associate products and brands with specific memories or cues, and this creates what professor of marketing science, Byron Sharp, calls 'category entry points' – specific events that trigger people to instinctively think of a purchase, as in their mind, that product is anchored to that precise moment in time. It's why brands such ad D&G and Rimowa are advertising their products to fit seamlessly into people's real life moments. At a time when people's expectations for personalised, streamlined servicesespecially delivery – are at an all-time-high, Domino’s positions itself as a brand that's convenient and immediate. Similarly, in the name of seamlessness, Papa John's have enabled social media users to order pizza through Facebook.

Edoardo Biscossi is a behavioural analyst at Canvas8, which specialises in behavioural insights and consumer research. He has a degree in Political Sciences and a MSc in Consumer Behaviour. He’s interested in culture, people, art, the future, the niche, and the mass.

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