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Loliware is hoping to change how people look at plastic utensils, by releasing the Lolistraw – an edible plastic straw. With many people rejecting single-use plastic, it doesn't mean they're ready to give up the actual items plastic is used to create. Instead, people need eco-friendly alternatives. We explore the insights behind how the company is tackling people’s eco-concerns with creatively innovative products.

With 500 million plastic straws being used every day in America alone, there is a clear need for an alternative as awareness around the damaging effects of plastic becomes more known. It's why Loliware was created, claiming to be the "world’s first edible bioplastics company". Now the brand has partnered with Pernod Ricard to create the "Lolistraw" – a 100% edible straw that is "hypercompostable", meaning it will degrade in 60 days or less. The straw is made from a seaweed bioplastic – a plastic made from organic matter – and actually feels like plastic. The straw will last up to 24 hours in fluid.

Around 8.5 billion plastic straws are thrown away each year Around 8.5 billion plastic straws are thrown away each year
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With entire states in the US banning single-use plastic straws, people are becoming more aware of the harmful effects plastic waste is having on the world's ecosystems. Plastic straws have earned a bad rep, with images in the media showing plastic killing marine wildlife. It's estimated the 12.7 million tonnes of plastic are ejected into our oceans every year, and 0.003% of this is attributable to plastic straws. But despite such types of plastic have been vilified, it doesn't mean people are ready to do away with the products they make altogether. In fact, people want alternatives instead. In the UK, 91% of shoppers say they would shop somewhere with plastic-free aisles, as long as the variety of goods remained the same.

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09 Nov 18
2 min read

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