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Emirates NBD bank has released an animated film called 'Give In To Giving', as part of a campaign to get people to sign up to its volunteer programme. As consumer trust in the banking sector in the UAE falls, finance brands have to think of innovative ways of getting people back on side. We explore the insights behind the ad and understand how by reinforcig the values that make us human, NBD Bank is regaining some of people’s lost trust in financial institutions.

Leo Burnett Dubai has created an animated film called 'Give In To Giving' for banking group Emirates NBD, to promote the bank's volunteer programme, 'Exchanger'. The programme gives employees and their friends opportunities to exchange their time for good causes. The film is directed by Aryasb Feiz for Hanzo Film and portrays an unhelpful individual who experiences an epiphany when an old lady who needs to cross the road insists on his help. An experience that changes him into a helpful person who starts to show others the power of small attitude changes, and is used to embody the bank's commitment to fulfilling its CSR.

Trust in banks is already at an all-time-low
Leo Burnett MENA | YouTube (2018) ©

'Give In To Giving' shows Emiratis the importance of forging social connections past their own family and friendship circles, and shows people how they can give in other ways that are not financial. The film also functions as a tool that shows how the bank is fulfilling its CSR, as it looks to push past the sector's image of being overly corporate and self-serving, in the UAE. This matters as consumer trust in the sector is dwindling, posing a threat to the future survival of these institutions – failing to regain trust and innovate financial services leaves the opportunity to lose business to large tech firms providing banking options within the region. In fact, 80% of Emiratis said they were willing to try banking with one such firm, so the writing could be on the wall.

Lucia Seoane-Pampin is a behavioral analyst at Canvas8, which specializes in behavioral insights and consumer research. Born and raised in Spain, she loves experiencing different cultures and emotional expressions. She studied psychology and communications in Boston and has a master’s in digital & visual media.


17 Dec 18
2 min read

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