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  • Where do people turn in a trust implosion?
  • Where do people turn in a trust implosion?
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Where do people place their trust?

In the wake of the steepest drop in trust in recent history, established business, media, and government institutions are being eyed with suspicion. Canvas8 spoke with Rachel Botsman, author of Who Can You Trust?, to understand who holds sway in the midst of a global trust implosion.

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“We forget that trust is like liquid gold, or social glue – it’s the thing that has enabled human beings to cooperate and collaborate since the beginning of time,” says Rachel Botsman, a world-renowned trust expert, lecturer at the University of Oxford’s Saïd Business School, and Young Global Leader at the World Economic Forum. [1] But according to popular opinion, today’s world is fresh out of it. With the 2017 Edelman Trust Barometer marking the largest-ever drop in trust across institutions, word of a global ‘trust implosion’ has people fearing that the social glue that holds society ...



  • Americans trust science but aren't connecting with it

    Americans trust science but aren't connecting with it

    Americans may have faith in science, but studies suggest they're not actually engaging with it, saying themes are too complex to understand. In a time where general mistrust of big media is high, brands that help demystify scientific findings could win people over.

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    What’s next for charities in a low-trust society?

    High-profile news stories of fraud and mismanagement have seen public trust in the charity sector diminish. With Britons also put off by aggressive fundraising tactics and more carefully scrutinising how their donations are spent, how can charities regain people’s confidence and support?

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    Wikipedia: crowdsourced yet trusted

    Once deemed an unreliable source of information, Wikipedia is now more trusted than some news organisations. Amid rising global uncertainty, the online, crowdsourced encyclopaedia is an example of how readily individuals will place confidence in content generated by other people.

  • Global trust is at an all-time low

    Global trust is at an all-time low

    The global population is plagued with doubt, with governments and media worldwide less trusted than ever. As people turn to tech to fill the void left by the institutions that are no longer dependable, industry giants are looking for ways to keep power from being synonymous with corruption.