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Digital transformation
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Gen Z (born 1997-2010)
Gen X (born 1967-1981)
Gen Y (born 1982-1996)
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LocationCambridge, United Kingdom
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Macro ExpertHamza Mudassir

Advisor specialising in strategy, digital tramsformation, and organisational psychology

Hamza Mudassir has 15 years of leadership experience in tech in Asia and Europe. As the co-founder of tech consulting firm, he advises on strategy, digital transformation, and organisational psychology. He is an accomplished consultant and advisor specialising in strategy, product, and technology interventions for start ups, PE, and VC boards. With a track record of successful engagements with high-profile clients such as PlayStation Europe, Amadeus Capital, Endava, and TAB Holdings, Hamza has demonstrated his ability to deliver transformative solutions that drive business growth and innovation in both start-ups and established firms. Hamza's experience also includes serving as chief product and technology officer and advisor to the board at Adstream, and chief strategy officer at Jagex, where he achieved record revenues and net income, and led a cross-border team to close sell-side for $400M+. In 2019, Hamza was made an Honorary Fellow in Strategy from University of Cambridge in recognition of his achievements in the areas of digital disruption and innovation.
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