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Join the communitySince 2011, Canvas8 has been gathering a network of the world's best experts in human behaviour, culture and trends.
Advise influential organizationsWe connect experts to decision-makers at major organizations, from Fortune 500 to fast-growing start-ups to help solve important challenges big and small.
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New opportunity

Clients will send us their requests directly. When relevant, we’ll reach out and gauge your interest and availability.



Let us know you're interested. We'll find a date and time for you and the client and set up the session.



Send us your invoice. We charge the client a project fee and incentive fee. The incentive fee is 100% yours, we don’t take commission.

Your expert liaisonLowri has been supporting experts throughout her 10 year career of events management, working across major London venues. At Canvas8, her focus is to look after the brilliant expert directory and match experts to the right opportunities.
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