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User experience
Online culture
Social psychology
Media theory
United States
Gen Y (born 1982-1996)
Gen X (born 1967-1981)
Gen Z (born 1997-2010)
Boomers (born 1947-1966)
Gen Alpha (born 2011-present)
Older Adults (born pre-1946)
LocationNew York, United States
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Industry InfluencerMatt Klein

Cultural theorist and cyberpsychologist analysing the psychosocial implications of technology

Matt Klein is a cultural theorist, cyberpsychologist, and marketing strategist, analysing social shifts and the psychosocial implications of our technology. Working alongside brands, TV producers, non-profits, and government agencies, Klein is a trusted source in identifying cultural change and developing future-proofed business strategies. As an award-winning writer and frequent commenter, his observations have been featured in The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, The Atlantic, Forbes, WARC, The Verge, CNBC, and Adweek.
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