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  • Lelush captures Chinese Gen Zers' apathetic mindset
  • Lelush captures Chinese Gen Zers' apathetic mindset
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Lelush captures Chinese Gen Zers' apathetic mindset

A young Russian man known as Lelush - who appeared in Chinese reality show Chuang 2021 - has become an idol for Chinese Gen Zers. As this group faces escalating pressures, Lelush’s grumpy attitude and penchant for slacking have struck a chord with Gen Zers, who are embracing defeatism.



  • Chinese youth tired of the rat race are ‘lying down’

    Chinese youth tired of the rat race are ‘lying down’

    Exhausted and disillusioned with China’s oppressive work culture, young people there are embracing a defeatist ideology that takes inspiration from the act of lying down. As more people reject the grind, they're pining for simpler living away from the pressures of traditional expectations.

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    Brockhampton: alt boyband for Gen Z fans

    Formed of 13 members, Brockhampton’s music stands out for its diverse style and emotional pull. Born and bred from the internet, the collective brings a relatable and authentic bridge to hip-hop music and the members have become cultural icons to digitally native Gen Zers.

  • One-to-One


    As social platforms introduce more ways for creators to make a living, the parasocial relationship between influencers and followers has seen its power balance distorted. With the expansion of direct payment options and the rise of intimate content, transparency and full access have become mandatory among fans who understand their significance to the creator economy.

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    A Cultural Snapshot of China 2020

    Why are young people blending age-old herbal treatments with Western wellness? Who’s most likely to pay with digital yuan? And what challenges do ‘leftover women’ face? This Cultural Snapshot uses local stats and case studies to explore the behavioural norms shared by Chinese people in 2020.