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  • ‘Bookfluencers' make reading aspirational
  • ‘Bookfluencers' make reading aspirational
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‘Bookfluencers' make reading aspirational

Social media has long been the go-to platform for inspiration, with influencers flaunting their outfits, beauty routines, and exotic travel destinations for their fans to see. But a wave of celebrities and influencers are becoming bookfluencers and turning literature into an aspirational frontier.



  • Books offer analog escapism from digital monotony

    Books offer analog escapism from digital monotony

    Whether they’re providing low-stakes escapism or education on how to unlearn racial biases, books have been a crutch for many in the pandemic. In fact, the number of books sold surpassed 200 million in 2020, signalling a desire for slow, analog modes of entertainment and distraction.

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    Can body honesty dissolve perfection fatigue?

    Lockdown measures have led people to rethink their self-care routines, causing many to adopt DIY treatments. How might this switch to at-home alternatives promote the acceptance of bodily quirks that have long been considered shameful? And how can brands help combat lingering beauty taboos?

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    Why influence for good is the new #sponcon

    Headlines about hashtag squatting and unchecked privilege have given many social media users a negative view of influencer culture. Yet while people may call out the perfect lifestyles presented online, these cultural figures remain as relevant as ever. So, how should they wield their power?

  • Kids look to influencers for reading inspiration

    Kids look to influencers for reading inspiration

    As a digital-first generation, Gen Alphas are finding everything from career aspirations to brand preferences online. And according to a UK survey, nearly half turn to social media influencers and YouTube for reading inspiration instead of seeking guidance from parents, teachers, or friends.