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  • COVID-19 safety worries have people skipping healthcare
  • COVID-19 safety worries have people skipping healthcare
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COVID-19 safety worries have people skipping healthcare

An apple a day keeps the doctor away – or one can just choose to avoid doctors altogether. Over a third of US adults say they’ve delayed or skipped out on medical care during the pandemic due to worry and inaccessibility, suggesting a need for new healthcare options to allay these concerns.



  • Article image Why ‘self-care’ needs more compassion

    The concept of wellness has gained renewed importance in the wake of COVID-19, yet maintaining one’s physical and mental wellbeing is proving harder for some people than others. How can self-care practices be made more accessible and compassionate to those who need it the most?

  • Article image 2021 Expert Outlook on Health and Fitness

    Will menopausal women get the personalised care they need? Might fitness fans embrace recovery? Could the power of collective responsibility outlast the pandemic? In this part of the 2021 Expert Outlook, we speak to three experts about how individualised care can make people more resilient.

  • Article image How can Big Pharma build trust post-pandemic?

    Big Pharma’s reputation has been tarnished over the years by high drug prices and the opioid crisis, but the coronavirus pandemic could be a pivotal moment for the industry. Canvas8 spoke to Oksana Pyzik, a senior teaching fellow at UCL, to find out how pharma firms can regain people's trust.

  • Article image Will COVID-19 change attitudes to telehealth?

    Before the coronavirus pandemic, both health providers and patients were reluctant to embrace telehealth, despite the convenience. But attitudes are changing as people see the benefits of going remote. What can brands do to provide the quality of care people expect, but from a distance?