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  • Postnatal depression spikes as COVID-19 affects new mums
  • Postnatal depression spikes as COVID-19 affects new mums
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  • Article image Make Motherhood Diverse: real mums’ stories

    As people demand more varied representation, they’re looking for realistic depictions of their lives. Make Motherhood Diverse counters the lack of diversity in mainstream portrayals of motherhood by sharing the stories and experiences of real mums from all walks of life.

  • Article image Why blanket messaging isn’t enough in a crisis

    People have responded to the crisis in different ways – either due to personal choice, privilege, or circumstances outside of their control. Canvas8 spoke to Juliana Horowitz and Dr. Grant McCracken to understand how brands can uncover the nuances of the pandemic experience for their audience.

  • Article image What's wrong? The science of emotional support

    The psychological distress caused by COVID-19 has caused many people in isolation to rely on friends, family, online communities, and brands for a sense of normality. Canvas8 spoke to Xi Tian, a researcher at Penn State University, to understand what’s required for effective emotional support.

  • Article image Peanut: swiping right for new mum mates

    The UK’s NCT has long provided new parents with expert info and a route to a new set of pals. But the pricey classes and ideological zealotry mean that many mums are after an alternative. Enter Peanut, which applies a Tinder-like model to friendship, easing anxieties at this stressful life stage.