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  • Fitbit Premium subscription offers personalised wellness
  • Fitbit Premium subscription offers personalised wellness
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Fitbit Premium subscription offers personalised wellness

Through a premium subscription service, Fitbit is bringing hyper-personalised fitness and wellbeing solutions to its users. The launch comes as health-conscious consumers seek new levels of tailored insights to track and maximise their performance and health.



  • Article image Moody Month: a modern-day period-tracking app

    Moody Month is an app and online community that helps women track and understand their hormones and moods. Going beyond ‘femtech’ and conversations around period-tracking and fertility, it offers a more holistic approach, taking into consideration factors like the weather and the moon.

  • Article image How can tech train users to build healthier habits?

    As people become more aware of the impact of tech addiction, they’re looking to develop a healthier relationship with their devices. Canvas8 spoke to Maths Mathisen, CEO and co-founder of Hold and a Nudgestock speaker, to find out whether smartphone overuse might be the new smoking.

  • Article image Hers: digital prescriptions for women’s wellness

    Poor access to healthcare is common across the US, leading a growing number of people to try out telemedicine and embrace the wellness movement. Hailed as the ‘Glossier of femtech’, Hers is going direct to consumers with Insta-friendly prescription solutions to hair, skin, and sexual problems.

  • Article image Peloton: an at-home fitness cult

    With energetic instructors broadcasting live workouts and a social community that motivates users to exercise often, Peloton bridges the gap between boutique studios and the growing home fitness market. But why are people opting for virtual, on-demand spin classes over a visit to their local gym?