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  • Facebook will give priority to user-generated content
  • Facebook will give priority to user-generated content
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Facebook will give priority to user-generated content

Facebook has tweaked coding on the newsfeeds that will begin prioritising shared posts over branded content. The platform has traditionally given brands and media unfettered access to users, but is now responding to people’s weariness of online noise and targeted content.



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    Where do people place their trust?

    In the wake of the steepest drop in trust in recent history, established business, media, and government institutions are being eyed with suspicion. Canvas8 spoke with Rachel Botsman, author of Who Can You Trust?, to understand who holds sway in the midst of a global trust implosion.

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    What do people expect from celebrity endorsements?

    Brands have long used famous faces in adverts to reliably boost the awareness and sales of their products. But what is it about star endorsements that make people stop and pay attention? And how is a desire for authenticity changing the expectations for celebrity partnerships?

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    Instagram pods: influencers organise against algorithms

    When Instagram announced its new algorithm that would prioritise popular content in feeds, over 340,000 people signed a petition against it. Now, influencers are forming private ‘pods’ to support each other’s posts in defence against the change. But why is there such concern over online snaps?

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    What makes something go viral?

    Social media has enabled people to share content with a click, but why do certain videos and news stories spread across the web? Canvas8 spoke with Jonah Berger, author of Contagious: Why Things Catch On, to understand online virality and the ways our digital spaces affect the content we consume.