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  • Provenance tracks the source of your food
  • Provenance tracks the source of your food
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Provenance tracks the source of your food

Transparency is no longer just a plus – it’s an expectation. But after labelling scandals, supermarket shoppers are sceptical of brands' claims. Tech startup Provenance uses Blockchain technology to increase transparency about how and where foods are sourced from.



  • Article image SirPlus: rescuing food from waste

    Germany has a big problem when it comes to food wastage, which is contributing to the country’s carbon emissions. That’s why SirPlus, a supermarket that only sells ‘rescued food’, has been created, helping people minimise their impact on the environment while picking up their groceries.

  • Article image How blockchain builds trust beyond finance

    Blockchain, the digital scaffolding behind cryptocurrency bitcoin, has hit critical mass and is being taken seriously by major conglomerates and governments alike. Canvas8 spoke to technology strategist Paul Armstrong to understand how it might make an impact beyond the financial world.

  • Supermarkets not meeting demand for local Supermarkets not meeting demand for local

    Whether it's to support local communities or to be more sustainable, the intention to buy locally produced groceries is becoming mainstream. Yet studies are showing a huge mismatch between demand for homegrown produce and those who actually buy it, with experts citing a lack of choice.

  • Article image Glia: buying products as ethical as you are

    Whether people identify as Christian, feminist or vegetarian, in a landscape that celebrates transparency, brands that share people's values tend to come out on top. Glia makes it even easier for people to find out which brands' morals mirror their own, meaning they'll never buy anything mindlessly again.