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  • Voxi is a phone contract for Gen Z social media addicts
  • Voxi is a phone contract for Gen Z social media addicts
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Voxi is a phone contract for Gen Z social media addicts

The addictiveness of social media is no secret; likes create endorphin spikes, while a casual comment can change the course of your whole day. By striking these apps from its data allowances, a new service called Voxi from Vodafone caters to Gen Z’s desire to compulsively check their feeds.



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    Go Binge: limitless on-the-go streaming with Three

    With just half an hour of mobile video eating up 5.25GB, the data demands of streaming music, movies and TV shows on-the-go can quickly add up. Three’s Go Binge plan gives customers unlimited streaming of content on Netflix and Deezer, without the worry of extra charges.

  • Gen Z favour custom content from brands

    Gen Z favour custom content from brands

    With 79% of Americans keeping their smartphone on or near them for 22 hours a day, brands have become an integral part of our digital lives. But what kind of content do people engage with? New research suggests that 90% of people like custom content from brands.

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    Girls’ Night In: an online secret sorority

    Girls’ Night in is a members-only Facebook group for LA’s hottest and coolest women, who whisper and giggle between themselves. And while its ranks are small by internet metrics, these women are highly engaged. So what’s got them sharing their deepest secrets with 1,500 friends they’ve never met?

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    How do men use social media?

    The modern man is a very different creature than his predecessors. But fluid masculinity and metrosexuality aside, men today are increasingly socially savvy; Pinterest – an old haunt for brides-to-be – reported a 73% increase in male users in 2014. What’s got so many men signing up?