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  • Britons want ticket resale vendors banned
  • Britons want ticket resale vendors banned
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Britons want ticket resale vendors banned

Third party ticket vendors are notorious for ripping off concert-goers with their high prices. But the way the system operates can encourage impulsive and irrational purchases; it's why almost half of Britons want ticket resale vendors to be banned.



  • Article image Dice: gig tickets without the middleman

    Touts have been using marketplaces such as Viagogo and StubHub for years to flog oversubscribed concert tickets to music lovers at hugely hiked prices. Ticketing app Dice is on a quest to slay the industry’s money-grabbing monster once and for all by eliminating the middleman.

  • Article image UK Gen Y on Leisure

    Gen Yers are renowned experience hunters. Whether it’s their penchant for a fancy brunch or their desire to explore the world like a local, they’re known for making their free time count. But are they really so enriched? Canvas8 sat down with Brits between the ages of 18 and 35 to find out.

  • Article image What’s the future of ticketing?

    Gone are the days when you'd queue to buy a ticket for a concert, or wait for one to arrive in the post. As ticket touting grows into a money-grabbing monster and legitimate ticketing goes mobile, how we buy tickets for everything from train journeys to football matches is fundamentally changing.

  • Article image Grabble: impulse shopping on your mobile

    Mobile commerce is still unchartered territory for many retailers, but it’s predicted to be worth more than $3 trillion by 2017. 'Tinder for shopping' app Grabble is luring shoppers in with a swipe-based interface that brings a whole new meaning to the term ‘impulse buy’.