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  • Amazon Cash appeals to America’s unbanked
  • Amazon Cash appeals to America’s unbanked
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Amazon Cash appeals to America’s unbanked

Convenience is one of the main appeals of shopping online, but for anyone without a credit or debit card, it's not an option and leaves millions cut-off. With Amazon Cash, there's no need for a bank account, making it a useful alternative to those without a bank account.



  • Article image How do Hispanic Gen Yers manage their cash?

    Financially responsible and ambitious, Hispanic Gen Yers make up a huge demographic with a lot of spending power. Despite this, they’re typically underbanked. So what do their financial habits look like? And how can financial services better cater to them?

  • Article image My Money My Future: educating the underbanked one meme at a time

    The underbanked represents more than 88 million individuals and nearly $1.3 trillion in wages. And young people of colour make up a large proportion of this, despite their size and spending power. How is My Money My Future reaching out to this group using technology and pop culture?

  • Article image What’s the future of the cash point?

    How much cash is in your pocket? With the onward march of technology, physical money now seems somewhat redundant. Paying for things with a smartphone or contactless card is simply more convenient nowadays. So with digital transactions becoming the norm, is the ATM doomed?

  • Sr. Pago is helping Mexico's unbanked Sr. Pago is helping Mexico's unbanked

    Over 50% of Mexico's population don't have bank accounts. Overly complicated regulations, lengthy application processes and high monthly taxes mean that people are avoiding banks. Sr. Pago is a service that's cutting out the hassle and allowing banking without the banks.