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  • Netflix is simplifying its ratings system
  • Netflix is simplifying its ratings system
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Netflix is simplifying its ratings system

Netflix is ditching the five-star rating system in favour of a simple thumbs-up or down. This may seem less granular, but the streaming giant realised there was a disconnect between what people rated and what they actually did; they confused ratings on quality with what they really enjoyed.



  • Netflix launches interactive TV shows Netflix launches interactive TV shows

    Netflix and chill could be a thing of the past. The streaming service is integrating interactive storytelling technology into selected shows, letting viewers play a part in the script. But with many people watching TV to escape from their hectic life, taking control over TV may not be what they want.

  • Article image Looke: a home-grown Netflix for TV-mad Brazilians

    In Brazil, where watching TV is the primary form of leisure for 81% of the population, streaming services are thriving. Looke, a home-grown provider, has been gaining ground in the market, but how is it managing to compete against the might of international players like Netflix?

  • Article image Skam: the future of reality television

    Stuck to their smartphones and accustomed to watching what they want, when they want, broadcasters have struggled to adapt to Gen Z’s TV viewing habits. But Skam, a Norwegian teen drama, is demonstrating how ‘real-time’ episodes and social media integration can keep teens hooked on a show.

  • Article image Spotify Discover: a mixtape for the 21st century

    Streaming has seen the playlist surpass the album in how people choose to listen to music, and Spotify is staying ahead of the game with Discover Weekly, which tailors tracks to each user to make exploration effortless. But how personal can an algorithm-made playlist really be?