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  • Monzo pre-empts banking downtime
  • Monzo pre-empts banking downtime
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Monzo pre-empts banking downtime

It can be frustrating having your card declined, and even more so when you discover that it wasn't due to a lack of funds, but a banking error instead. Mobile bank Monzo saved its 120,000 customers extra stress and embarrassment by notifying them of such an issue right away.



  • Article image Monzo: sparking a digital banking revolution

    There’s a seismic change underway in the banking sector, with challenger brands taking on the traditional Big Five. At the forefront is Monzo, a mobile-first digital bank that’s designed with tech-savvy customers in mind. Can its clever app and round-the-clock support convince Brits to switch?

  • Airlines are taking Twitter complaints seriously Airlines are taking Twitter complaints seriously

    You’ve just disembarked from a long haul flight. Your feet are swollen, your eyes are bleary and, honestly, the sight of your front door can’t come soon enough. So when the worst imaginable scenario occurs – the airline's lost your luggage – what do you do? Take to Twitter, of course.

  • Article image Atom: the digital bank splitting high street competition

    As branches close and an increasing number of consumers use app-based finance services, high street banks are at a crossroads, with online alternatives set to further shake things up. Atom is a digital-only bank with a range of consumer and business accounts, but can it take digital banking nuclear?

  • McDonald’s Japan launches complaints app McDonald’s Japan launches complaints app

    Are you unhappy with your Happy Meal? Is the lettuce in your Big Mac a bit limp? None of this compares to finding a tooth in your fries. Serious food scares like this have severely dented the reputation of McDonald’s in Japan. Can an app for complaints turn things around?