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  • Target plans to open hundreds of small stores
  • Target plans to open hundreds of small stores
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Target plans to open hundreds of small stores

Less is more when it comes to US shopping habits; Americans are increasingly choosing to spend their hard-earned dollars at smaller retailers rather than big box superstores. Recognising this shift, Target is planning to open hundreds of small-format stores in dense, urban areas.



  • Article image Carrefour Urbano: Tinker, Tailor, Plumber, Supermarket

    Urban living has taken on a new face, with a generation of tech-savvy 20-somethings flitting around cities in Ubers and finding dates with a swipe. But while some needs are being met through tech, French retailer Carrefour is hoping to satisfy everything else with simplified store concept, Urbano.

  • Article image Who buys their skinny jeans in a supermarket?

    Having reshaped the British grocery landscape, discount supermarket Lidl has announced its first fashion line. As competition for ‘top UK supermarket’ steps up, is selling jeans next to the milk aisle now non-negotiable? And what does it say about our changing shopping habits?

  • Article image IKEA Urban: small stores for Hamburg’s busy city dwellers

    About 40% of Hamburg's 1.8 million residents don’t own a car, so IKEA has introduced its first ‘citystore’ – an urban little sister to its sprawling, out-of-town counterparts. It’s already more popular than any other German branch, but who is this inner-city store attracting?

  • Article image Say goodbye to the mall rat

    Traditional ‘teen’ retailers like A&F are battling high unemployment rates, rapidly changing social landscapes and the increasingly fickle nature of fashion to stay afloat in a competitive market. But if teens aren’t dropping their cash here, then where are they shopping?