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  • Americans are reading more non-fiction
  • Americans are reading more non-fiction
    Ian Sane (2015) ©

Americans are reading more non-fiction

With an unlimited supply of entertainment available online, its no surprise that reading is on the decline in the US. But while one study shows that reading literature for pleasure has hit a low of 43%, another study, which includes non-fiction, tells a different story – 73% of adults read a book last year.



  • Gen Z love reading Gen Z love reading

    Reading is still in. And not just for older generations; teens still love to read, too. A recent survey looking at generations across the world found that Gen Z rate reading as one of the top activities to do in their spare time. Why does reading still have such an appeal for teens?

  • Article image Why the paperback will never be put down

    In the late 2000s the future looked bleak for publishing; giant high street booksellers were going under as experts predicted e-readers, e-books and self-publishing would cause the demise of big publishing houses. So what’s happened? How did the industry adapt to remain alive and well?

  • Philip Pullman has released an audio novel Philip Pullman has released an audio novel

    Philip Pullman has sold millions of copies of fantasy trilogy His Dark Materials. The author hasn’t put pen to paper about protagonist Lyra and her villainous mother since 2000, but Pullman's new story, The Collectors, is to be released in 2015, exclusively available on Audible.

  • Article image BookTubers: the internet brings teens back to books

    Generally, e-reading simply involves tablets and e-books – but a new relationship is developing where literature and online virality are intertwined. Booktubers are broadcasting their favourite reads to thousands of fans. But how has YouTube become a home to bookworms?