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  • The FT sees subscribers surge following Brexit vote
  • The FT sees subscribers surge following Brexit vote
    Hernán Piñera (2013) ©

The FT sees subscribers surge following Brexit vote

On the eve of the EU referendum, the Financial Times dropped its paywall for 24 hours, ensuring that everyone who wanted to vote had access to the facts. But rather than readers enjoying a convenient content free-for-all, the push led to a 600% surge in digital subscriptions. 



  • Air Canada taps into Americans’ anxieties Air Canada taps into Americans’ anxieties

    The prospect of a Trump presidency has caused some in the US to consider heading abroad; on the day he won primaries in seven states, Google searches for ‘move to Canada’ hit their highest levels since Bush won the 2004 election. Now, Air Canada is offering its potential new residents a test drive.

  • Article image Blendle: micropayments for news on-the-go

    With the abundance of free content online, people no longer need to pay for the news, causing problems for publications whose traditional revenue streams are drying up. Can giving readers the option to pay for individual articles save quality journalism? Dutch platform Blendle certainly hopes so.

  • Article image Coda Story: how slow journalism provides a different kind of scoop

    Today’s news outlets are like Twitter feeds; filled with short articles to quickly read, but rarely revisit. Coda Story is different. It offers a thematic approach to news stories, analysing all the major events as they unfold. But what’s the point of long form articles if no one wants to read them?

  • Article image Magzter: subscribe and stream magazines

    The internet is overflowing with movies, songs and articles. Companies like Spotify and Netflix have recognised the value in packaging media into bundles. But does the model work for magazines? Subscription service Magzter is betting it does.