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  • Japanese employees hate being at home
  • Japanese employees hate being at home
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Japanese employees hate being at home

The unemployment rate in Japan is just 3.2%  well below that of the US and European countries  but it's a nation of excessive overtimers. And although workers are being offered bonuses for slashing their overtime, many are staying in the office simply because they don’t want to go home.



  • The Japanese are working themselves to death The Japanese are working themselves to death

    In Japan, there are no official laws for limiting work hours. And in a culture of overwork, the country is facing record numbers of compensation claims as a growing number of Japanese people are literally working themselves to death. Notably, work-related suicides are up 45%. How can employers help?

  • Article image Why Japan wants to offer the world selfless hospitality

    Omotenashi – which roughly translates as ‘selfless hospitality’ – is a complex concept; one the Japanese pride themselves on. As the 2020 Olympics approach, Japan is preparing to serve it up on a mass scale, turning to robots for help. But are androids advanced enough to emulate such a human service?

  • Article image What it really means to grow old in Japan

    More than 25% of the Japanese population is over the age of 65. With a low birthrate and increasing life expectancy, that figure is only set to increase. Japan is renowned for its respectful and traditionally regimented attitudes towards seniors, but what does it really mean to be ageing now, in the world’s oldest population?

  • Japan wants new fathers to step up Japan wants new fathers to step up

    When Manabu Tsukagoshi, a Tokyo-based consultant, had his second child, he took a month of paternity leave so that his wife could go back to work. While Tsukagoshi is among a tiny majority in Japan, Prime Minister Abe wants men to play a larger role in bringing up their kids.