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  • UK shoppers are bored with the high street
  • UK shoppers are bored with the high street
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UK shoppers are bored with the high street

While a day out shopping used to be a favourite pastime for Brits, the internet has changed all that. Now, nine of Britons' top 20 hobbies involve the internet, and a trip to the shops is nowhere to be seen. In fact, new research shows that a third find shopping to be less enjoyable than ever.



  • Article image Notify Nearby: using beacons to boost brick-and-mortar

    Beacons may not have caught on as many initially predicted, but they’re now smaller, smarter and starting to impact sales; it’s thought they’ll influence $40 billion in sales in 2016. Can apps like Notify Nearby get the tills ringing through personalised notifications and curated content?

  • Article image Pep&Co: pepping up fashion for the UK’s young mums

    Aldi and Lidl have done it to groceries, Tiger has done it to homeware. And now Pep&Co has unleashed the discount model on clothing. Founded by former Asda CEO Andy Bond, it’s on a mission to help families spend less on their clothing. Can it become a mainstay on the UK’s high streets?

  • Article image 2016 Expert Outlook on Shopping

    Can a brick-and-mortar focus benefit retailers? How important is mobile commerce? Will people come to expect engaging shopping experiences? And which retailers should we be keeping an eye on? As part of our Expert Outlook 2016 series, we speak to three retail experts about the future of shopping.

  • Article image Tiger: the posh pound shop taking over the British high street

    Tiger, a Danish discount retailer with a difference, is winning over British shoppers with its irresistible formula of stylish, fun and cheap products. How has it managed to earn a reputation as the UK high street's most intriguing new ‘posh pound shop’?