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  • Whohaha is a platform for funny women
  • Whohaha is a platform for funny women
    Elizabeth Banks (2016) ©

Whohaha is a platform for funny women

Numerous studies suggest that people find men funnier than women. But Hollywood actress Elizabeth Banks doesn't agree – and she's prepared to prove it. WhoHaha is a comedy site similar to Funny or Die, but it's created by, and for, women. And it's the perfect platform for branded content.



  • Article image Lenny: Lena Dunham joins the e-newsletter revival

    Lena Dunham is the latest star to grab a slice of the lifestyle sector with the launch of her e-newsletter, ‘Lenny’. Aimed at young feminists, it’ll cover everything from politics to style, without shying away from the nitty gritty. But will such a retro medium resonate with Dunham’s young fans?

  • Article image The Onion Labs: getting paid by brands to ridicule them

    It may have once satirised branded content – “oh, awesome, a sponsored post by a snack food company on my favorite media website” – but with the creation of an in-house advertising agency, The Onion will now cater to marketers with native videos and articles. Why would any brand pay to be ridiculed?

  • This Girl Can encourages UK women to exercise This Girl Can encourages UK women to exercise

    The UK ranks in the top five most overweight countries worldwide, with 66% of people either overweight. Of that number, 29% of girls aged 5 to 18 are overweight, and 8% obese. A Sports England TV ad is encouraging women who are uncomfortable with their figure to get into exercise.

  • Article image Rookie: how girl talk leads to girl power

    Embracing '90s indie pre-digital culture, Rookie is an online magazine for younger Millennials. Created by Tavi Gevinson at age 15, the magazine reworks the tone of mainstream media.