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  • The Line’s new store looks more like someone’s home
  • The Line’s new store looks more like someone’s home
    The Line (2016) ©

The Line’s new store looks more like someone’s home

Browsing homeware stores can be a gruelling experience. But imagine if you were in a friend’s house and you could purchase the rug right from under your feet, or the coaster from under your mug. That’s the thought process between a new retail experience from The Line.



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    Headlines about the death of physical stores have proliferated in recent years. But while online shopping has come to dominate, RH is renewing its focus on brick-and-mortar, building shops that are part retail space, part art gallery, part design studio. Can its approach revolutionise retail?

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    Home improvement stores are rarely a joy to walk around. Sprawling shop floors packed with rack upon rack of disconnected fixtures make for a pretty miserable Sunday shopping trip. But in a PIRCH showroom, customers can take a shower or cook up a storm, all while they're still in store.

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    Over 40% of people have stolen from hotels. And while taking home a towel might seem acceptable, what if you fancy the bedding? Aloft hotels and Design Within Reach are letting guests buy everything from the chairs to the beds. But does this ‘in-context’ way of selling really work?