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  • Buy Me Once only stocks products that last a lifetime
  • Buy Me Once only stocks products that last a lifetime
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Buy Me Once only stocks products that last a lifetime

“If socks can have a lifetime guarantee, why can't anything?” asks entrepreneur Tara Button. This is the premise behind her online store, Buy Me Once. It only stocks products – from tables and chairs to towels and toothbrushes – that are made to last a whole lifetime.



  • Article image Glia: buying products as ethical as you are

    Whether people identify as Christian, feminist or vegetarian, in a landscape that celebrates transparency, brands that share people's values tend to come out on top. Glia makes it even easier for people to find out which brands' morals mirror their own, meaning they'll never buy anything mindlessly again.

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    Imagine your entire wardrobe fitting into a suitcase. That means everything; shoes, underwear, coats and trousers. Whether this fills you with hope or horror, it’s a reality for some. Un-fancy, the ‘wardrobe by numbers’ blog, exemplifies the minimalist fashion movement’s increasing online momentum.

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    ‘Til death us do part’ is usually reserved for weddings. But as sustainability becomes a bigger concern, it could be applied to our prized possessions, from cashmere jumpers to iPhones. But how achievable is this in a world where acquiring and upgrading are the status quo?

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    In an age of fluctuating fashion trends and disposable clothing, apparel maker Patagonia is on a mission to change how people think about clothes. So what exactly are they selling?