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  • Gen Y want brands that host not boast
  • Gen Y want brands that host not boast
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Gen Y want brands that host not boast

Gen Yers' online movements expose two traits that make up their virtual selves: sociability and urgency. By collecting data on their tribes, some brands have succeeded at facilitating interactions and stepping out of the way. It's about playing the party host, rather than turning up late as the drunk uncle.



  • Article image The Net Set: logging into the Net-a-Porter lifestyle

    Natalie Massenet, founder of Net-a-Porter, has been touted as ‘the woman who changed the way we shop’. Now, she’s at it again. In a bid to take a slice of the 36% of online purchases made via mobile, Massenet is launching The Net Set; the world’s first mobile, shoppable social network.

  • Article image Chubbies: a start-up brand for the neo frat boy

    Anyone who’s seen an American college movie is familiar with the stereotypical frat boy; excessive boozing, scantily clad sorority girls and fierce camaraderie define him. It’s nostalgia for such ‘bromance’ culture which is the driving force behind San Francisco-based shorts brand Chubbies. But how did these tiny shorts manage to unite a ‘bro’-based style cult?

  • Article image How can a local cult outsmart global fashion?

    With international fashion brands making competition on the Australian high street even more intense, a new generation of home-grown brands are building fiercely loyal style tribes both online and off. But can these emerging fashion cults fend off global competition?

  • Article image How to be a Redhead: a powerful beauty tribe

    Supportive online beauty communities like How to be a Redhead are changing how young women see themselves and the products they buy. With over 100,000 followers and major brands queuing up for the 'Redhead Friendly' rating, could this be the most successful beauty tribe of all?