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  • Brave is a browser that blocks ads
  • Brave is a browser that blocks ads
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Brave is a browser that blocks ads

Ad-blocking has long struck terror into the hearts of marketers, sending visions of lost revenue to haunt their dreams. More and more people are turning to ad-blocking to escape unwanted ads, but a browser named Brave is now offering an almost ad-free browsing experience.



  • Article image Sponsored! The science of native advertising

    Native advertising has exploded over the internet in recent years. But for many consumers, figuring out what’s been paid for and what’s strictly editorial can be confusing. Nathaniel Evans, who studies the phenomenon, explains to Canvas8 why people often don’t recognise sponsored content.

  • Condé Nast is blocking ad blocking Condé Nast is blocking ad blocking

    More people are using ad blocking software when browsing the internet, causing a real issue for sites that generate revenue from advertising. In response, Condé Nast’s men's mag GQ has begun asking readers to either turn their adblock off or pay to access its articles.

  • Apple gets behind mobile ad blocking Apple gets behind mobile ad blocking

    Advertising on smartphones can be annoying, with many people frustrated by pop-ups that slow them down and block their screens. But they could become a thing of the past, with Apple's iOS set to allow ad blocking extensions for the first time on mobile versions of its Safari browser.

  • Article image AdBlocker: cleaning the Internet of ads

    Advert-blocking browser plugins are growing at a rate of nearly 70% year-on-year. The most popular, Ad Blocker, reached 150 million users in June 2014. And if people really are more likely to climb Mount Everest than click a banner ad, what is next for online advertising?