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  • Aussie travellers rely on radio
  • Aussie travellers rely on radio
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Aussie travellers rely on radio

Aussies like to travel. In 2015, 4.6 million Australians aged 14 and over travelled overseas. And while access to the internet and comfy beds are important, research from a report by Nielsen and Commercial Radio Australia found that over 70% of Australian travellers listen to commercial radio weekly.



  • Australian TV networks team up against streaming Australian TV networks team up against streaming

    Consumers have grown accustomed to convenience, and as a result we’re putting down the remote and picking up the laptop when it comes to watching our favourite shows. As TV networks in Australia are beginning to feel the pressure, they’re seeking safety in numbers.

  • Radio is the most influential medium Radio is the most influential medium

    We all know video killed the radio star. Or did it? Radio might’ve been wrongly presumed dead all these years according to new research, which reveals that radio in the US has greater reach than a number of media, including television. So what does this finding mean for marketers?

  • Article image Why podcasts have got us all ears

    Averaging 2.2 million listeners per episode, NPR’s Serial podcast is not just a cultural phenomenon, but a game-changer for a formally underappreciated medium. But why has the story of a 1999 murder in Baltimore struck such a chord? And what is it about the lure of audio that’s driving a talk radio revival?

  • Article image Tuned in: how 'Generation App' are redefining radio

    For generations growing up with every song at their fingertips and algorithms replacing DJs, how is the medium of radio being redefined, and what new roles can it fulfil?