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  • Richmond Sausages is looking out for Mum
  • Richmond Sausages is looking out for Mum
    Yuki Ishikawa (2013) ©

Richmond Sausages is looking out for Mum

The loss of a child’s beloved toy can cause upset beyond measure, but the tantrums and tears that follow can leave parents as aggrieved as their children. Richmond Sausages has cleverly taken advantage of this to win over parents, offering a ‘toy tracker’ with every purchase.



  • Article image Lufthansa Bedtime Stories: keeping business travellers connected to their kids

    Parents can regret the lack of quality time spent with their kids – a guilt that’s magnified for those who travel for work. Lufthansa is helping parents relieve this guilt by installing recording studios at departure gates in airports. But do kids want a bedtime story sent straight from the terminal?

  • Article image CirKiz: clubbing goes PG

    No drugs, and there’s a nine-year-old behind the decks – clubbing in NYC isn’t what it used to be. Once a month, Manhattan club Cielo transforms into a family-friendly rave, complete with a light show and EDM soundtrack. What can CirKiz tell us about pleasing everyone in the family?

  • Hour-long nursery rhymes have gone viral Hour-long nursery rhymes have gone viral

    What springs to mind when you consider viral videos? Charlie bit my finger? ‘Gangnam Style’? An hour-long rendition of ‘The Wheels on the Bus’? Wait, what? That’s right. A 54-minute compilation of nursery rhymes like that one has now drawn almost half a billion views.