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  • Buy a Bentley based on how it makes you feel
  • Buy a Bentley based on how it makes you feel
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Buy a Bentley based on how it makes you feel

With prices starting at £120,000, it’s safe to say a Bentley is a luxury purchase. And part of what makes luxury goods special is how they make you feel. Bentley is reverse engineering this idea with an app that will tell prospective buyers which vehicle to buy by reading their emotional responses.



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    Should luxury brands be digitising? Should they be championing sustainability? What do customers expect in-store? As part of our Expert Outlook 2016 series, we speak to three experts about the value of experience, customisation and increasingly time-poor luxury consumers.

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    The day when your phone can automatically comfort you when you’re down is a long way off. But emotionally intelligent tech is on the rise, with Affectiva’s Affdex helping the likes of Unilever and CBS to gauge reactions to shows and adverts. Can algorithms judge emotions better than humans?

  • Now you can virtually customise your Ferrari Now you can virtually customise your Ferrari

    Ferrari has developed an augmented reality showroom app that's intended to enhance the customer experience in its showrooms. The AR technology enables customers to virtually swap colours, panels or tires, and share the result with friends before cashing in on their customised car.

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    HNWIs can take their pick of the finest luxury brands, defined by having a net worth of at least $2 million. There are 13.7 million of these consumers globally, but with so much to spend, how do they choose where to splash the cash first? And as their ranks grow, how will luxury shopping change?