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  • People want classy crisps at Christmas
  • People want classy crisps at Christmas
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People want classy crisps at Christmas

Christmas is coming up, and everyone, including retailers, knows it’s a great excuse for excessive eating and drinking. That’s why shelves are being packed with classy Christmas crisps, as brands release increasingly posh packets to win over indulgent snackers during the holiday season.



  • Ice cream fans get a taste for savoury flavours Ice cream fans get a taste for savoury flavours

    Cracked black pepper or olive oil? Salmon and Chive? Goat’s cheese? These flavours might all sound tasty, but are they really how you want your dessert to taste? New analysis from Mintel suggests you might, with savoury flavours set to be the next big thing for ice cream. 

  • Article image Has premium booze made our snacks posh?

    Ever thought what goes into the ice in your whisky, or the tonic in your gin? More and more brands are tapping into the premiumisation trend by creating accompaniments specific to spirits, craft ales or wines. How’s this foodie revolution affecting our tastes and the food and drink industry?

  • Brits skip meals for snacks Brits skip meals for snacks

    From salt and vinegar crisps to posh popcorn, Britain has become a nation of snackers. The country munched through 9.1 billion packs of crisps, nuts and snacks in 2014, representing a year on year rise of 1%. How is this impacting on people's three square meals?

  • Article image Snacking goes super-luxe

    The snacks market is booming, and discerning consumers want to be inspired and surprised as they seek more than the usual nutritional sustenance or standard tastes. What they really want to consume is an emotional connection.