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  • Lads' mags could be gone for good
  • Lads' mags could be gone for good
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Lads' mags could be gone for good

Lads' mags' tenacious grip on an evolving and elusive male stereotype has finally given out as both FHM and Zoo print their last pages – both online and offline. While many will not be sad to see them go, their demise marks the end of a two-decade definition of lad culture.



  • Article image The psychology of the bromance

    From the rise of metrosexuals – all man bags and make-up – to the growing prominence of gay sports stars, masculinity has evolved to be barely recognisable from its old school counterpart. But how has male friendship evolved with it? And what role does it play in the lives of modern men?

  • Article image TALC Magazine: connoisseur porn for your coffee table

    70% of men and 30% of women watch porn. It comes in all shapes and sizes; from homemade to Hollywood. But what about porn for those who prefer their coffee artisan and their music on vinyl? TALC Magazine is closer to coffee table centrepiece than under-the-bed contraband. Is the way we view porn changing? 

  • Article image Where has the lad gone? And do we want to find him?

    With lads’ mags Nuts and Front publishing their final issues in April 2014, The Sun’s Page 3 under fire, and even the relatively more sophisticated idea of metrosexual man now an assumed norm, does the 'lad' still exist? If so, where can he be found? And is it worth trying?

  • Lad mags fade, lad culture blooms Lad mags fade, lad culture blooms

    At its most popular, lads magazine Nuts, known for its mix of 'glamour girls', football and fast cars, sold over 300,000 issues a week. After 10 years of circulation, Nuts is facing closure. But while lad's magazines are disappearing, lad culture is very much still alive.