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  • You can now shop at Dior online
  • You can now shop at Dior online
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You can now shop at Dior online

High-end fashion houses are often been slow on the uptake of digital opportunities; online shopping simply doesn't seem to fit with the expected opulence of the luxury shopping experience. But even the most stalwart non-believers are starting to come around and Dior is trialling online shopping.



  • Article image Herm├Ęs Scent Library: experience luxury with your nose

    The perfume industry is undergoing a shift away from mass market fragrances towards niche designer scents. Spearheading this move is the Hermès Perfume Library, offering visitors an exclusive look into the brand’s luxurious collection. Are experiential boutiques the future of luxury?

  • Aussies go online for luxury Aussies go online for luxury

    The luxury market in Australia is now worth $1.1 billion and it's predicted that e-commerce will account for up to 18% of sales by 2025. These big spenders are turning to their iPads to shop; the average luxury basket online jumped from $190 in 2013 to $420 in 2015. What’s making them spend?

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    Why do people want their technology products to be precious? Why is personal service more important than ever? Should the luxury sector be keeping an eye on social? And how are airports emerging as the 'sixth continent'?

  • Article image A sector snapshot of luxury

    Why are luxury brands losing their logos and going under the radar? How did the wealthy learn to share? Is a new luxury elite pricing everyone else out? And why has high fashion gone pop?