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  • Boomerang lets you turn pictures into GIFs
  • Boomerang lets you turn pictures into GIFs
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Boomerang lets you turn pictures into GIFs

Instagram has 400 million users, with 80 million photos shared every day. It's now released Boomerang – “a new video app that lets you turn everyday moments into something fun and unexpected.” As Gen Z turn to competitor apps, can it help keep them actively using Instagram?



  • Article image #: a brick-and-mortar mecca for beauty mavens

    Have you ever layered up a few coats of Trust Fund Beauty nail polish? It comes in plenty of shades, from ‘Boy Tears’ to ‘Insta-famous’. It's one in a number of Insta-born beauty brands that are stocked at # – a New York-based beauty store that only stocks products sourced on Instagram.

  • Article image Spring is Weird: a love story made for Instagram

    To promote its new Spring collection, Gap has created a three minute love story for Instagram. A new 15-second episode is released weekly until the launch of its upcoming line. But do Gen Y and Z really prefer short and snappy content? And who wants to watch an ad from Gap on Instagram? 

  • An Instagram-based drama for teens An Instagram-based drama for teens

    In a quest to reach Gen Z, Benzac Acne Solutions has created The Benzacs – an 'Insta-dramedy' that follows four high schoolers and their teen dramas as they strive to be cool while being true to themselves. It's got all the makings of a John Hughes film but in the form of 15-second videos.

  • Article image Imgur: meme machine

    Online platform Imgur is rapidly evolving from image host to user community – and brands are taking notice. But how will Imgurians respond to brands engaging with them on their own turf?