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  • Uniqlo helps you choose the perfect t-shirt
  • Uniqlo helps you choose the perfect t-shirt
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Uniqlo helps you choose the perfect t-shirt

People are often overwhelmed when shopping for clothes. Does this colour suit me? Are these jeans really my style? And it's perhaps why people ask their friends to go shopping with them, for a little extra advice. A Uniqlo campaign is now using neuroscience to further help with the decision.



  • Giving retailers in-store insights Giving retailers in-store insights

    While e-tailers can use their customers' data to personalise their offerings, brick-and-mortar stores don't always have the same luxury. Retailers now have a chance to up their in-store personalisation, with tech from Samsung letting them track customer behaviour and personalise adverts accordingly.

  • Australian consumers want revolution in retail Australian consumers want revolution in retail

    Data from IBM’s 2015 Global Smarter Consumer study sheds a lot of light on the Australian shopper. Their affinity for online commerce is growing but, unfortunately for retailers, so is the gap between what they expect and what they’re offered. So what does this mean for Aussie retailers?

  • Article image The Physical Cookie: sweetening the shopping mall experience

    We're all familiar with cookies – files that track us online, showering us with personalised ads. Brands love them and now shopping centres want to adopt them in an attempt to stay relevant in the age of e-commerce. But can the Physical Cookie really sweeten our offline shopping experience? 

  • Article image Why Australians want faster food and speedier shopping

    The sun-worshipping, beach-dwelling, slow-living Australian stereotype has never been less accurate. Tech-based solutions and on-demand services are creating an expectation of convenience. But while brands cater to the speed with which Australians consume, are they at risk of sacrificing an emotional connection?