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  • Film about domestic workers stirs debate in Brazil
  • Film about domestic workers stirs debate in Brazil
    Sundance (2015) ©

Film about domestic workers stirs debate in Brazil

Brazil is known around the world for its beaches, samba music and football, but not its films. Yet Que Horas Ela Volta? – released in English as The Second Mother – is now making waves as Brazil’s Oscars entry. And it’s also stirring painful debate over inequality in the country.



  • Article image Webhome: helping with the help in Brazil

    Brazilians are obsessed with cleanliness, but they're not so big on doing the dirty work themselves – Brazil has more domestic workers than anywhere else in the world. Once an unregulated industry, a new law has given its 7.2 million workers rights. And services are popping up to help organise the help.

  • Article image A Brazilian beauty ideal for every class

    In Brazil's diverse society, there’s no single definition of beauty that applies to everyone. Its different social classes have created a variety of ideals and beauty icons. But how do Brazilian women decide what ideals to aim for, and how are they trying to achieve them?

  • Article image A cultural snapshot of Brazil

    Are Brazilians still football obsessed? And are big bums still the beauty standard? In our 2014 / 15 cultural snapshot of Brazil, we demystify cultural myths, shed light on the country’s economic outlook, and explore the emerging and established trends across eleven sectors.

  • Article image Rolling with Brazil's rolezinhos

    Are the young Brazilians taking part in social phenomenon rolezinhos just trouble-making delinquents? We sent digital anthropologist Luana Kaderabek to explore this new social class.