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  • Starbucks app kills the queue
  • Starbucks app kills the queue
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Starbucks app kills the queue

Queuing can be stressful, and even a slightly longer line than usual is enough to make people think twice. Starbucks is now hoping to put an end to all this, introducing mobile ordering across the US. But can the move revolutionise how we pick up our early morning coffee?



  • Article image Density: broadcasting busyness in real time

    Despise crowded bars? Fed up of queues at coffee shops? Whatever the gripe, the congestion of cities is a worldwide problem that affects the way we live. Enter Density – an app and device that measures the real-time population of bars, cafés and gyms to broadcast busyness in real time.

  • Jumping to the front of the queue Jumping to the front of the queue

    The Shout app gives New Yorkers access to sought-after event tickets and restaurant bookings without the hassle of waiting. People can buy and sell reservations for a fee agreed by both parties. They can even swap spots whilst waiting in line, communicating via the app.

  • Cutting the queue at Subway Cutting the queue at Subway

    Similar to France's 'GoMcDo' McDonald's app, Subway Express allows people to pre-order their subs online or through a mobile app - saving time by cutting out the need to queue. After selecting a pick-up time, people can turn up, pay and go.

  • Article image How Disney is using data to make magic

    As smart technology changes how consumers interact with brands and products, Disney's MyMagic+ is leading the charge towards contactless payment and a smarter, more efficient world.